Rehabilitation of spinal injuries should focus on mind and body, say experts

Spinal injuries are extremely painful and can cause short term and long term disabilities. Patients need help in rehabilitation after spinal injuries.

As per experts, the rehabilitation should be focused on physical as well psychological trauma experienced by the patients

The rehabilitation program should also include training and awareness about the space around a patient to help them become comfortable in their condition.

This will help them in getting better perception about the space around them. The sense of distance from things around them, the space between objects in their front will help the patients recover faster.

This kind of recovery training will be more practical and beneficial for people who have suffered spinal injuries and find it difficult to move around.

The new approach towards rehabilitation and recovery therapy is being recommended by researchers and experts based in Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

The restriction on movements of the body after a spinal injury have a major effect on the day to day life of the patients. During therapy, patients should be advised about how to judge the distance of objects in their surroundings.

They also need to understand the size or dimension of the space size around them to move around safely.

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