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21 disabilities under RPWD 2016 - Parkinson's disease

The 21 disabilities covered by the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, RPWD 2016 also include Parkinson's disease.

Here is some more information about Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's disease is a chronic disease of the central nervous system and affects the motor control of the body.

Parkinson's disease affects the part of the brain that controls and manages the movement of our limbs and body parts.

The brain does not get the signals from the nerve cells and is not able to control the movements of the body or muscles.

In simple words, the brain cells start dying and that causes the body to become uncontrollable.

The common symptoms shown by people with the disease are:

- Tremors

- Balance problems

- Rigidity

- Muscle Tension

- Spasms

- Weakness In Hands

- Clumsiness

- Walking problems

There's no cure for Parkinson's disease but medicines and care can help manage the symptoms to a certain extent. Scientists are still trying to find the reasons that cause the disease.

The disease affects the day to day life as simple tasks such as eating, closing buttons and drinking water can become difficult.

People at an advanced stage need help and support from others to do their basic chores. The disease makes a person dependent on others for survival.

It is common for people with Parkinson's disease to suffer from depression. The loss of motor skills and dependence on others can make a person feel frustrated and isolated.

Parkinson's disease affects the social life of the person and adds to the psychological stress on the patients.

India's Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 considers the patients of Parkinson's disease as people with disabilities.

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