Abused Chennai teen needs urgent counselling, city police pulled up for not informing welfare officials earlier

The delay in providing counselling to the 11-year-old deaf teenager, who was sexually abused by 17 men for over seven months, has been strongly criticised by child welfare officials.

She was finally taken to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) by the Tamil Nadu legal services society after an order from the Madras High Court.

The court ordered this after a petition was filed against the police questioning why it delayed in informing the CWC about the incident. Because of this, the abused child received counselling four days after the complaint was filed. The police should have reported the matter formally to the CWC within 24 hours.

Seventeen men, including a lift operator, an electrician, plumbers, security guards and gardeners working in a Chennai apartment complex, where the girl was staying, were arrested and sent to judicial custody.

Experts say that both the child and her parents need counselling. As the survivor is deaf, she also needs a special therapist as she has undergone severe trauma for seven months.

The failure to provide counselling to the child is even more important given that she has already undergone an identification parade.

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