Mangaluru man arrested for kidnap and rape of three disabled girls

India is yet to wake up from the shocking incident of a 12 year old deaf girl being brutally raped by 18 men in Chennai! Rising sexual harassments and rapes shows how unsafe our country is for women.

In a recent case, three young disabled girls from a family in Mangaluru were kidnapped from their homes and sexually abused by different men in various parts of Karnataka. The police have nabbed 30 year old Abbas who was behind the crime.

According to reports, the girls were aged 15, 17 and 18 years. All of them had learning disabilities. They were undergoing treatment at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences in Bengaluru. Since they belonged to a poor family, their parents could not afford to continue with better treatment.

Some locals, who realized the plight of the family, kidnapped all the three girls and sexually harassed them after taking them to different parts of Karnataka. Apparently, Abbas is the mastermind behind this plan!

Odanadi, an NGO based in Mysuru, came to know that the disabled girls have been missing from their home for over two years. Soon, they complained at a nearby police station. The police soon filed a case and started investigations till they nabbed Abbas from a bus station.

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