Adding fish to your diet can increase life expectancy, says new study

Dishes made from fish are very popular across India, especially in tropical regions. Apart from its taste, we know that fish has many health benefits too. A recent study has confirmed that adding fish to your diet can prolong your life!

Researchers conducted the study on more than 240,729 men and 180,580 women for over 16 years. People who consumed fish tend to have lesser cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory problems, chronic liver diseases and even Alzheimer’s.

Beware, consuming fried fish will not help you! Those who added more of fried fish were seen to fall prey to many diseases including cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.

Wondering how to cook fishes in your diet? You can make a curry, steam or even grill fish. They are really taste and you can retain all its nutritional value as well.

Monsoons have led to a slight setback in the availability of fishes in the market. But once the season withdraws, different varieties of fish are going to flood markets again!

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