Not happy with your partner? These 4 signs show that your mental health is affected!

In today’s times, relationships have become extremely complicated. Introduction of social media has made the world a smaller place. People can connect with each other without any difficulty. Even though there are umpteen benefits to these, the drawbacks are many as well. Complications in the relationship of a couple easily affect their mental health.

Here are 4 signs that prove that your partner’s actions are hurting your mental health

You are relieved when your partner leaves the room

This is definitely not a good sign! Experts have said that if you are not compatible with your partner, you would feel a sense of relief when you do not have to see them physically.

You find ways to distract from your spouse

Some people indulge in unhealthy habits to distract themselves from their spouses. People start watching excessive TV, using mobile phones, playing video games and oversleeping for hours. This is unhealthy and can take a toll on your mental health.

Your physical health goes for a toss

Once you are stressed about your relationship, you start getting headaches, lack of sleep and even muscle pains.

Your self-esteem gets affected

Once two people are not interested in each other anymore, they tend to engage in fights. You might even throw insults at each other hence affecting your own self-esteem. This has a terrible impact on your mental health.

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