Chalo Delhi Rally by disability rights groups in August

The All-India Disabled Rights Forum plans to hold a Chalo Delhi Rally on 7 August. This is to demand political reservations for people with disabilities at every level, both in villages as well as the Lok Sabha.

The other demands they plan to raise include provision of self-employment to all disabled people who are eligible, setting up a special commission, a free insurance facility, housing scheme, as well filling of all backlog vacant posts across India.

The national president of the forum, Kolli Nageswar Rao and other leaders held a press conference in Hyderabad demanding that all political parties make public their stand on reservations for people with disabilities. They said that assurances of this nature were given by Congress leaders Sonia and Rahul Gandhi before the last elections.

One crore signatures are apparently being collected across India to push for this. The leaders alleged that the recent Supreme Court ruling on provision of 5% quota for disabled people in government offices was not being implemented.

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