Is your child depressed? Check out for these 5 signs to know!

How safe and healthy are our kids? Parents must closely monitor the mental health of a child just like how they would do about their physical health. In today’s times, children are prone to sexual violence, problems with peers, academic difficulties and so on. These problems can have a terrible impact on children.

In earlier times, depression was seen only amongst adults. Children led a carefree and happy life. But times have changed. Do you have a child who has started behaving unusually? Keep a tab on their mental health.

Here are 5 signs indicating that your child must be undergoing depression

Low or irritable mood

A depressed child has mood swings. They get irritated and low very easily.

Trouble concentrating in academics and other activities

Depressed children tend to concentrate lesser on any activity. They even forget things very easily. This might even affect their performance in school. If your child shows any of these symptoms, get them help immediately.

Constant feeling of guilt

Your child must be depressed about an incident that has affected them. It can be at home, school or somewhere outside! Depressed children feel worthless and hopeless all the time. They must know that whatever has happened can be solved and they will be able to move on!

Prefer to be lonely

A depressed child always wants to be isolated or sit alone. They loathe company of peers, parents or even siblings!

Change in sleep patterns

Children who are depressed often find it difficult to stick on to a sleep pattern. They either oversleep or will have sleepless nights!

If your child shows any of these symptoms, make sure that you get them immediate clinical help. With counselling, your child can come out of their traumatic experiences!

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