Election Commission aims for accessible elections across India!

Are our state governments disabled friendly? Over the past few months, many disabled people, NGO’s and activists have come forward from different parts of India to raise this concern. Now, the Election Commission (EC) of India is not leaving any leaf unturned to make sure that upcoming elections are accessible to all!

Recently, the EC conducted a survey in Tamil Nadu to check how accessible polling booths are, and the results were shocking! Most of the booths had non functional wheelchairs and ramps. People with loco motor disabilities could not even press the button of a polling machine! This facilitated officials to take up the matter more seriously.

Many disabled people refused to even get their voter’s card because they know the hardships of going to a polling booth. The apathy and insensitivity of officials towards disabled people at polling booths makes things worse.

There are more than 2 million people with various kinds of disabilities in India. Lack of their votes will have a terrible impact on the government. EC officials have assured that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections will be an inclusive one for all!

They are all set to install auxiliary polling stations, appoint disability coordinators, develop mobile apps and even hold follow-up consultations for disabled people. This will ensure that more people participate in the formation of the government. EC said that they are ready to lend a helping hand to all disabled voters across India.

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