Guard gave injections to deaf Chennai girl before rape

The sexual abuse of 11-year-old deaf girl at a posh apartment complex in Chennai for more than seven months has shocked the nation.

Shocking details about the condition of the child and the trauma she must have endured are coming out in the investigation.

17 culprits are currently in police custody while the police is trying to figure out how they were able to commit such a heinous crime under the noses of so many people around them including the girl’s parents.

One of the 17 accused men is a guard who gave sedatives to the girl before raping her. As per reports, he learned to give injections during his previous job as a security guard at a hospital.

He learnt how to give sedatives used on women during childbirth at the hospital.

As per policemen investigating the case, the guard was also the one who shot videos of the child and used them to blackmail and threaten her.

The 17 people arrested for raping the little girl include a liftman, security guards, plumbers, electricians and other maintenance staff working at the apartment complex where the girl lived with her family.

The first sexual assault was committed by a 66-year-old lift operator and he allegedly invited others, who filmed each other raping the child.

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