Fake medical forwards are the new headache to doctors!

Kick off breast cancer by avoiding black bra during summer. Ever since actress Sonali Bendre’s cancer news was out, this forwarded message has been doing the rounds in WhatsApp. Most of us even believed it!

Experts say that India is being gripped by these fake WhatsApp forwards and news. It has a huge impact on the minds of people, and most of them even take these forwards seriously. One such forward asserted that a patient with cancer must not do a biopsy. Doctors point out that they get cases where people refuse to do a biopsy because they read the message on WhatsApp!

According to reports, the reason why such fake news becomes popular is due to the lack of qualified doctors in the country. Statistics conform that at least 25% of such news are fake. For a population of one billion, there are hardly one million allopathic doctors. Hence, there are few doctors to prove that such fake news is not to be followed.

A forward saying that 56 girls died after using sanitary pads during menstruation was quite popular. In a country where menstruation is still a taboo, such fake news can have a deep impact on the mind of a person. People living in rural areas might easily believe such forwards because they do not have a person who can point out that the message is wrong.

So next time you get a medical related forward, do not blindly believe it. Cross check the facts for your own health and well-being!

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