Election Commission praised by Rahul Gandhi for introducing Braille voter cards

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has praised the Election Commission (EC) for taking the initiative of providing Braille EPIC cards to visually impaired voters in Karnataka. Gandhi said this step would enable accessible voting for all.

In a letter to Chief Election Commissioner O P Rawat, Gandhi said he hoped the EC would take more such steps to ensure accessible voting for people with all disabilities.

I write this letter to commend you on the excellent initiative of the Election Commission in Karnataka. The issuance of the Braille EPIC cards to the visually impaired voters is a step in the right direction, which will make elections and voting accessible to all voters. I believe that the Election Commission is undertaking more steps to make voting more accessible for physically challenged people - Rahul Gandhi, President, Congress party

Gandhi offered his party's complete support to the EC to make elections accessible.

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