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Maharashtra Deaf Community marches for abused Chennai teen

The recent report about the rape of a deaf 11-year-old girl for seven months in Chennai has moved people around India. It has raised questions about the safety of children, especially children with disabilities.

To show support for the rape survivor and protest against what she went through, a silent march was taken out in Mumbai.

The march was oragnised by the members of the Maharashtra Deaf Community. The march was attended by many people. NewzHook reporters spoke with those present to get their reactions to the horrible abuse committed by more than 20 men in Chennai.

You all must be knowing about the incident happened in Chennai, a 11 year teenager girl has been raped. So to support her we all are doing march. There is missing of law and this is the problem. There must be a law approved. If any people, spoiled deaf girl so they should be hang immediately and a law must be passed. The deaf children are not aware about the sex education so it's easy to harm them. We also want to teach sign language to everyone in Maharashtra for better communication with children, they will have confidence and will be aware about the law." - Vaibhav Ghaisas, Deaf Leader

"We all are protesting here to support the Chennai deaf girl. The government should support her, pay her necessities, education and everything. I have found that from the tenure of PM Modi's government rape cases are growing day by day. PM Modi should watch this and stop this dangers. This is not only about deaf, it's also about hearing, disabled, blind etc. Rape cases are headlines of day to day news in many of the places in India. But government is not watching and not taking strict action against this. We are sad. PM Modi must see these rape case as sensitive and support this, it's a request" - Vicky Shah, Deaf Leader

"So many deaf people have gathered here to show and make hearing community aware about the growing rape crimes which should be stop. And also parents and family should take care of their children and watch their day to day activity" - Pradeep More, Deaf Leader

People who attended the march wanted to highlight the need for stricter laws against sexual predators in all parts of the country.

Awareness needs to be raised among parents and children so they can identify inappropriate behavior against and speak up.

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