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How to make number lessons easy for children with autism

Children with autism can learn numbers and counting easily. The main requirement for effective learning is to be patient and communicative with the kids all the time.

When you start teaching a child that has autism, do not focus on the disorder. They are like other children and need just a little bit of extra care and support.

Basic education and skills such as reading writing and maths can help them become more independent as they grow up.

Here are some ideas that can be used to teach counting to children with autism.

  1. Give examples that can be easily understood when introducing the concept of counting and numbers. Abstract ideas are difficult to follow. You can start by teaching about counting objects, something the child can see and feel.

  2. Use examples from daily life to teach about quantities and numbers such as how many bananas are there on the table?

  3. Give them toys or blocks to do understand and practice the concept of addition and subtraction.

  4. Children with autism can be taught about geometrical shapes by referring to objects around them. Building is rectangle, moon is a circle, examples van make teaching and learning fun and effective.

  5. Give one problem to solve at a time, as too much information on a page can be confusing.

  6. Flash cards and apps can also be used to teach the numbers.

  7. Keep the lessons simple and be very patient.

  8. Most importantly do not forget to praise and encourage the children for their hard work.

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