Depression and sleep patterns are interlinked, says new study

We know that millions of people across the globe are affected by depression. If untreated, it can have a severe impact on your mental well being. A new study has found that sleep plays a major role in a person being depressed or not. Those who are undergoing depression tend to have sleep problems. They sleep for lesser time or do not get sleep at all leading to insomnia!

The study was conducted by a group of British researchers on more than 10,000 people. According to them, at least 75% of people with depression have reported that they do not get enough sleep or are unable to sleep well.

In order to get a better insight into this, researchers looked into how various parts of the brain functions. Increased functional connectivity between different parts of the brain provides an underlying basis to how depression and sleep are connected.

The study also throws light on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. If you feel that your sleep cycle is being negatively affected, make sure that you get clinical help.

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