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Some dolphin love for people with disabilities does plenty to heal at this American city

August 1, 2018

One knows of dogs and horses being used as therapy for kids with disabilities. Now, a new form of water therapy involving dolphins is showing great success in the city of Scottsdale in the United States. This is one of a few cities in the country where people with disabilities can go for a dolphin-assisted therapy program.

Among the star attractions is Chloe the dolphin, who has been helping 15-year-old Evelyn with Rett Syndrome. This is a neurological disorder that leaves her unable to talk, walk, or use her hands.

Evelyn regularly goes for physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Her parents say they noticed immediate results after her first dolphin-assisted therapy session. She is now more willing to open up and has been able to work through her disability.

Called the Sea STAR Program, this was launched in early 2018. Kids get to do more than just swim with dolphins. There is a 10-day program to meet the specific needs of the child.

The founders say they use the dolphins as motivation and reward for kids, as they complete aqua-therapy goals.

Specialists say just as the kids take to the dolphins, the dolphins also make friends with the kids. The Sea star program is open to both children and adults.

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