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From Apple, a clothing tech to assist blind people

Apple has announced plans that sound truly revolutionary. The company says it will soon launch a new invention that will improve the lives of blind and visually impaired people.

It plans to launch wearable Smart Clothing like a shirt or jacket that's technologically equipped with advanced components and sensors acting as a visual aid.

People who are blind and visually impaired depend on assistive devices like canes, seeing eye companion dogs, or other physical aids to navigate everyday lives. Apple's invention sounds like a highly-advanced wearable that is capable of helping visually impaired people move about freely without the need for a cane or companion dog.

The device can link up to an iPhone or other touch-based input terminal capable of providing the wearer with vital data about their environment. This way a sensory impaired user can move around with the help of a guidance device.

The guidance device could take the form of a jacket or shirt equipped with sensors, including a camera, that are wirelessly connected to an input/output 'touch surface' like an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Through this connection, the device would provide the visually impaired wearer with assistance that may be better than that of traditional devices.

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