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Valuable lessons in bodily rights for visually impaired girls at this Tiruchy workshop

August 1, 2018

Good touch, bad touch are critical lessons often left untaught even in modern day India. So this progressive step taken by a government school for blind girl students in Trichy in Tamil Nadu deserves a special mention.

Even more exceptional is that the topic was not covered by their teachers and nor was it a part of their syllabus. The workshop was of great help to the girls who said they had questions about which they wanted answers. There were useful health tips as well. Like many students who complained of feeling sleepy during lectures were unaware that this is often because they were over bleeding when they had their periods.

Doubts about irregular periods were cleared as well and the girls were educated about the physical changes their bodies will go through.

Through such workshops, experts hope to avoid instances of sexual abuse as well as educate the girls about finding the right partner in life.

Members of the All India Confederation of the Blind said that there was a popular perception that disabled girls are asexual and their parents don't get them married. Through such workshops they want to educate blind girls about their rights.

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