Chronic cough cases on a rise in children due to air pollution, says new study

India is gripped by various diseases due to rising pollution levels in both air and water. Our cities have turned into concrete jungles with hardly any greens around us. Trees and plants are destroyed at an alarmingly high rate for constructing corporate companies and apartments. We hardly realise that by such activities, our children are becoming the ultimate scapegoats!

Experts from Bengaluru have pointed out that there has been a sharp rise in cases of children suffering from chronic cough cases in the city since the past few years. This is due to uncontrolled pollution levels in our atmosphere.

When a child suffers from chronic cough, they will have uncontrolled coughing for over two weeks. Sleepless nights will affect their studies too. Parents these days consult at least five different doctors for finding a solution to the cough problems of their child!

The Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) is the prime reason for chronic cough cases. RSPM in the air in our cities are above permissible levels. At least 21% of children suffer due to this!

Most of the times, children are prone to terrible dust and smoke on their way to schools. Doctors have received at least 3000 cases of children suffering from chronic cough in a short span of time. Children from economically backward families who lives in slums are worst affected.

We all know that air pollution is the primary cause for asthma and other respiratory diseases. Doctor’s point out that extreme air pollution can also lead to dementia, heart ailments and diabetes as well. People in urban parts are terribly hit by this more than those who live in rural parts of India.

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