Increase in number of suicides among youth in India

India is facing an epidemic increase in number of people with depression and suicidal thoughts. As per data, 46,000 suicides were committed by people in the 15–29 and 30–44 age groups during the year 2012.

Most suicides were Poisoning, hanging and self-immolation. Shocking data also reveals that 80% of the suicide victims were educated people.

The numbers claim that India has the highest suicide rate in the world among the youth of the country. The youth of the country is opting for the extreme step of suicide due to various pressures and stress in their lives.

Pressure of educational or professional performance, relationship stresses are some of the most common reasons that lead to youth taking their lives.

Here are some other factors that can also cause a person to take the extreme step of ending their life.

• Substance abuse

• Social discrimination

• Financial issues

• Emotional problems

• Medical conditions

• History of physical, mental abuse

• Family history of suicide

Experts state that due to their impressionable minds, younger people and children can be easily influenced by their surroundings. In absence of counselling, guidance and support, the youth may find themselves alone and miserable.

It is vital for the grownups to pay more attention to the youth around them. Young people need someone they can talk to, someone more experienced who can tell them that things are going to be ok.

Our society needs awareness about the emotional requirements of the youth and the support they can be given. Talking about mental health, depression or suicidal thoughts should not be treated with shame or stigma.

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