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Want to write about your life story as a disabled person in India? Here is a centre for you!

August 5, 2018

Every person has a tale to tell of their life struggles, pain, determination and fights. How about penning down your tale so that the world reads it and gets inspired? That is just what Writer's Rescue Centre (WRC) is now aiming at. A venture of Nikhil Chandwani Foundation (NCF), WRC is gathering disabled people, acid attack victims and even depressed people to share their stories by writing a book!

Niharika (name changed) is an acid attack victim who was in an abusive marriage. Her husband had taken loans from many people. Since he could not pay it back, an angry mob poured acid on Niharika's face! A mother of two, Niharika is now gearing up to pen down her tale of struggles, determination and strength.

WRC provides a platform for people to come out and write down their life tales. WRC believe that they can solve people's problems by helping them publish and market their own books. This will also provide students an opportunity to recognise their skills and even take up book writing professionally!

In the case of Niharika, WRC is mentoring her so that she finishes her book in a couple of months. Post publishing, WRC will take her for lectures and ensure that she is financially independent.

NCF believes that public speaking and storytelling can empower people who are going through tough times. Ever since they started this venture, they have empowered over 500 disabled people and suicidal students.

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