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Some dos and don’ts for dating people with disabilities

Love knows no boundaries and barriers. We all need love and companionship in life as it makes life joyful and adds meaning to it.

People with disabilities also fall in love and they go through the same phases of attraction, love, heartbreaks, friendships and commitment like everyone else.

21 year old Joshua Reeves has cerebral palsy and is active into dating and meeting people through Tinder, a social search mobile app.

He says people like his profile but are discouraged when his disability is mentioned. Joshua Reeves has made a list that can be used as guidelines when you are interested in dating a person who uses wheelchair.

Here are some dos and don'ts

- You should not date a disabled person because you feel sorry for them. Only start a relation if you are interested in the person for who they are.

- You do not need to avoid the conversation about the disability or a wheelchair used by the person. Treat the person as any other person that you would date.

- Be patient and spend some time listening to the person you are dating. They may not wish to talk about their disability so do not force them. Once they are comfortable with you, they may open up.

- Do not over sympathies, it is ok to be nice but do not go out of the way to make them feel lesser.

- You do not have to take on the role of a caregiver when dating a disabled person. Disabled people can be quite independent and they are not always looking for help.

- Be open to ideas, do not feel limited by their disability.

Joshua hopes that people will change their mentality towards people with disabilities. The society needs to accept the fact that disabled people also seek love, romance and relationship like others.

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