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Popular cereal brand Kellogg to have Braille snack notes for visually impaired kids

August 9, 2018

American multinational food manufacturing company, Kellogg, is adding a special feature on its Rice Krispies Treats to make it more accessible for people who are vision-impaired. This is being done across the United States.

Rice Krispies Treats had earlier launched writable wrappers that allowed families to send a encouraging messages to their kids in school.

Now, it is going a step further. In partnership with the National Federation of the Blind in the United States, Kellogg will launch Love Note Braille stickers and recordable audio boxes for its Rice Krispies Treats. This way blind and low vision children can also get messages from their families.

This is after the company realised that not every child was getting to experience the written notes on the writable wrappers. This way the notes will become more accessible.

The Love Notes in Braille are shaped like hearts and each sticker sheet has eight positive phrases that parents can share with children.

For those who don't read braille, the recordable audio box plays a 10-second pre-recorded message that can be recorded over 1,000 times.

By doing this, Kellogg is also honouring Will Keith Kellogg, the founder of the company. He lost his eye sight in the last 10 years of his life.

Another major company, Starbucks, moving toward increased accessibility in the United States as well. Last month, the coffee chain said it would create its first Signing Store at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., to help deaf and hard-of-hearing customers.

This will launch in October, and the employees will have partial or complete hearing loss and communicate in American Sign Language.

When will companies in India get inspired to take similar steps towards inclusion?

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