Do you have a sensitive skin!

Do you feel that your skin needs more care and protection than others! Some skins are sensitive and need care.

It is important to understand your skin to be able to take good care of it.

Here is some information to help you understand if you have a sensitive skin.

  1. Does your skin become red often! Sensitive skin can become irritated by certain creams or lotions applied to it and result in red bumps, rashes or broken blood vessels.

  2. The skin reacts to makeup that contains fragrance and smells. Sensitive skin does not like fragranced products and are heavily perfumed.

  3. Weather changes also have a huge impact on sensitive skin. Heat, humidity can cause redness, inflammation or pimples on skin that is sensitive skin.

  4. Itchiness on the skin without any reason can also indicate sensitivity.

  5. Sensitive skin is easily affected even by a little exposure to sunlight.

  6. Frequent occurrence of tiny pimples or acne on the skin can also be due to your skin being sensitive. These red pimples could be due to change in diet or makeup that you might have used.

If you feel you have any of these symptoms, consult a skin doctor or dermatologist and you might be able to manage the skin in a better manner.

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