Disabled groups across Telangana hold protest, demand political reservation

Various disability groups from across the state of Telangana held a protest at Jantar Mantar for political reservation for people with disabilities.

They said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not succeeded much in changing the plight of India's disabled people by renaming them divyang. Instead, what is needed is political reservation for India's disabled people so that their voices are heard.

Over 30 people with disabilities traveled across 1,500 kilometres to New Delhi from Telangana to get their voices heard. They said that only 5% political reservation for disabled people from the Panchayat to the State Assembly will ensure they are heard.

They said that having someone speak for them in the Parliament will help in a great way.

As part of its Asara scheme, Telangana provides a monthly pension of Rs 1,500 to disabled people in the state. But protestors say this is not enough. They want the pension to be raised to Rs 5,000. Protestors also want housing facilities from the state government.

The Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act 2016 provides 4% reservation in Central government jobs for disabled people. But this has not helped either said protestors. Many of them are still struggling for jobs.

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