Mental health of students goes for a toss due to academic pressure

Gone are days when children could play around without thinking of exams, studies or homework. Now, even kids from kindergarten are burdened with academic pressure. Vacations are a distant dream because that is when they have coaching classes to prepare for competitive exams!

In this rat race, do we realise that the mental health of our younger generation is going for a toss? Recently, the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) had changed their syllabus and made it more tougher and complicated.

According to a recent survey, this change in syllabus and extreme pressure has affected the mental health of nine out of ten children already! These changes have made them anxious, stressed and depressed almost all the time.

66% out of 650 teachers who took part in the survey agreed to the same. They said that two of their students even attempted suicide due to pressure in academics.

Authorities point out that this new change in syllabus is disheartening, but they are helpless. They also added that ministers had demanded for a stricter and tougher syllabus for children.

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