Disabled people in Punjab to protest against the government through WhatsApp!

Disabled people in Punjab are up in arms against the Congress government that rules the state. In spite of promising a better quality life and welfare for people with disabilities, the Congress government under Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has failed to abide to their promises.

But a bunch of disabled people from the state does not believe in protesting against government apathy by blocking roads and causing inconvenience to others. Instead, they will protest on WhatsApp!

Disabled people under the banner of Apang Swang Lok Manch (Asul) will start Thal-Khadkao Andolan on WhatsApp from 10 August till 20 August.

Some of their main concerns are raising the amount for disability pension, providing disability certificates and mainly, end discrimination of disabled people in the state.

A representative from the group said that governments of other states provide a decent amount as pension for disabled people. Whereas in Punjab, the amount provided is a meagre Rs 750 per month!

Many disabled people are knocking doors of government offices to avail disability certificates. But all in vain! The government already slows down the process of issuing certificates to those who come under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (2016). There are many rare disabilities not listed in the act. Those disabled people are undergoing a tough time!

Representatives pointed out that they will raise slogans and protest by making videos and circulating on WhatsApp which will soon reach concerned state officials. They also plan to meet Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on the last day of the protest.

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