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A trek trip for visually impaired people coming up this Independence Day

August 12, 2018

Want to do something adventurous this Independence Day? With the weather in Mumbai at its coolest, its the perfect time for a hike and that is exactly what the the Blind Graduates Forum of India(BGFI) is organising this year on 15 August. A trip to Asava fort in the hills near Palghar on 15 August.

The trip is a joint effort of BGFI and Young Zingaro Trekking Club!

Hiking is an experience that can be enjoyed equally by people with and without vision. While sighted people appreciate the scenic beauty, hikers who are blind can enjoy a different, more sensory experience. Like the aroma of the wet earth, the gentle coolness of a breeze, or the lovely lyrics of a mountain stream.

Here are some tips to improve your hiking experience if you are visually impaired

  • Start with a small and easy trip if you are new to hiking. As you can gain confident, check out longer hikes and tougher terrain.
  • Consider hiking with a sighted guide. On this trip to Asava, the BGFI will provide you with a sighted guide if you do not have one. A sighted guide can help manage obstacles or sudden changes in height.
  • Listen to audio cues when hiking with a group because the sounds they make will give you information about what lies ahead, like a puddle, loose gravel or sand.
  • Buy a good pair os shoes. This is for ankle support and reduces chances of injuries.
  • Pack a first-aid kit, rain gear, food, extra water, and sunscreen.

To ensure that Independence Day does not go unmarked, there will be a small celebration of the day with flag hoisting and singing the National Anthem.

Asava fort is located on a hill that is in the pride of many other forts like the Tandulwadi Fort at the southern tip and Kaldurg Fort.

The trip will start early morning from Bohisar railway station and participants can take part in the trip by paying a nominal fee.

For trekkers who are visually impaired, the fee is Rs 150. For sighted escorts, it is Rs 250.

The trip will take the trekkers close to nature and is expected to be fun and thrilling.

For more details you can get in touch with Santosh Salian at 919930775758 You can also Whatsapp Shraddha Edke at 9920058292.

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