Today is the 72nd Independence Day of India

Today is 15 August, the day when India celebrates its Independence.

This year, India is celebrating its 72nd year of independence from British rule. 15 August is important as it reminds us about the value of being the citizens of a free country.

Independence Day will be celebrated across the country today with flag-hoisting functions, parades and cultural events. Indians living outside the country are also now to celebrate the day in their own ways.

It is the day to remember the struggles of the freedom fighters, the leaders who sacrificed themselves to see a free India.

We Indians have achieved a lot since independence and emerged as one of the strongest economy in the world.

Our country is rich in resources, skills, culture and is known as a unique example of unity in diversity.

Indians have a never dying sprit that helps us face every challenge. This independence day let’s promise ourselves to become even stronger and better.

Let us all be proud of what our country has achieved. Unity and inclusion should be our strengths and also our driving force on the path of development.

Let us aim to create a united and inclusive society that gives equal opportunities and respect to each one of us.

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