Mehmoona can now pursue her higher education, Thanks to Bombay High Court!

Shaikh Mehmoona Abdullah has 75% low vision. In spite of her disability, she is sure of pursuing her higher studies. The Bombay High Court has now come in favour of this young girl!

Mehmoona failed in her class 12 exams for the academic year 2017. She rewrote her papers only to fail again. But she had not filled the disability column which would have given her an additional 20 marks which was enough to pass her the exam!

Mehmoona moved to court in June the same year asking for a permission from the education board to issue a fresh mark sheet with the 20 marks added. The court even directed the state board to do this considering the observations made by the Commissioner of Persons with Disabilities which were in favour of her.

The court said that the girl was clearly unaware of the grace marks that she deserved. It also said that the state education board must not deny her of her rights.

Now, Mehmoona can complete her further education once she clears the exams with her additional marks. She will also become independent after landing a good job post her education!

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