Have your dinner early to reduce risk of cancer, says new study

Cancer is one of the most common and dreadful diseases in today’s world. A rising number of people are falling prey to this fatal illness. Experts have revealed that life style patterns, eating habits and even sleep patterns influences risk of cancer in person!

A group of researchers from Spain conducted a study on over 1000 men and women with cancer. They found out that eating food late before going to bed increases risk of cancer!

People who ate their dinner two hours before going to sleep had a 20% lesser chance of developing prostate or breast cancer. The risk was higher in those who had food post 10 p.m.

Various studies have proved how eating habits and developing cancer are interlinked. Those who eat a lot of vegetable are less prone to cancer. Meanwhile those who eat lots of red meat are asking for trouble!

We all know that eating dinner and immediately going to sleep is bad for your health. Here is one more reason to have a healthy dinner much early, and then go to bed!

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