Heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh, death toll rises to 18

This year’s monsoons have created havoc in different parts of India. Death toll has already risen to over 200 across the country! Heavy rains have lashed Himachal Pradesh. 18 deaths have been reported already.

The state has been receiving heavy rainfall and floods since the past three days. Shimla, the capital city, has received the highest rainfall since the past 117 years. More than 900 roads have been closed across the state, including six national highways. Relief works are already being done. Death toll is expected to rise in the coming days.

Many trains have been cancelled in the state due to landslides on the tracks. Authorities have also warned people to not go near the Beas River as the water will be released from the Pandoh dam due to increased levels. People are also warned to not go near landslide prone areas in different parts of Himachal Pradesh.

Since the past one week, over 39 deaths have been reported from Kerala due to monsoon related accidents. Two days back, even Tamil Nadu was put on high alert due to forecast of heavy rains.


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