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Disability Sensitization Walk held by Sarthak Educational Trust in New Delhi

Around 40 students of Sarthak Educational Trust held a rally on the eve of Independence Day at Mohammadpur and Bhikaji Cama Place in New Delhi.

Students with different kinds of disabilities like vision impairment, hard of hearing and deaf and those with mobility challenges took part in the walk. The aim was to sensitize the human resources division and employees of different companies about employing people with disabilities at the workplace.

"Hire us" was the message given by the candidates who highlighted giving equal opportunities and inclusion. The companies interacted with the candidates to see their aspirations. The differently-abled candidates spoke to few company people and they said that this is really a good initiative and we want to try out few disabled candidates - Shailesh Kumar, Project Manager, Sarthak Educational Trust

The Sarthak Educational Trust was established in 2008 by Dr Jitender Aggarwal. A dentist by profession, Dr Aggarwal started losing his vision in 2004 due to macular degeneration, which cannot be treated.

He realized the agony people with disabilities experience due to constraints like a non-inclusive environment and limited access to resources and opportunities. Dr Aggarwal trained himself in using screen readers and other software to manage and carry out his daily activities. He gradually started off by skilling to enable the employment of visually impaired candidates in medical transcription in Delhi.

Sarthak frequently organizes disability awareness campaigns through the year.

Sarthak organises such campaigns on a regular basis. The next campaign will be during Teacher's Day with many schools on a pan-India basis. On an average Sarthak organises around 50-60 campaigns across locations in a year - Shailesh Kumar, Project Manager, Sarthak Educational Trust

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