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Encourage your special needs child in these ways!

Many parents in India have children with one or more disabilities. Lack of awareness and sometimes embarrassment results in many of these children failing to get proper care.

Instead, parents tend to be extra cautious and handle them with kid gloves. Many experts say that parents of children with disabilities must understand that given encouragement and the right amount of freedom, such children can adjust and grow outside their home environment. So, it is important they should not be kept confined in their homes.

So, what can parents of special needs children do to enable them to be independent? Here some tips:

  • Show confidence - This means that as a parent, you must show support towards any strength that you child shows. This might be a skill that is not valued by a teacher or a school. This could be a talent for music, or a sport. Show that you are confident and proud of their skills and them pursue it.
  • Have faith in your child - Never lose your patience because your child has a learning disability. They might be good in studies, but they will have different skills that you can support.
  • Don't think they are lazy - Not doing well in academics or sports is not a sign of being lazy or lacking motivation. As a parent, you should help them understand things instead of imposing your desires on them.
  • Support their interests - If your child likes painting, do everything you can to support it. Its all about encouraging and supporting what they are good at.
  • Don't forget to praise them - Never miss a single chance to praise even the smallest effort. This will help boost their confidence.

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