Protests of disabled people yield results, Guwahati government will host an employment drive

In July last month, over 500 disabled people had protested in Guwahati in Assam against government insensitivity. The government had denied jobs that were reserved for disabled people in many government sectors. Post this protest, the government along with welfare organizations for disabled people joined hands to organize an employment drive.

Nearly 300 disabled people were arrested by the police at the protest. They blocked traffic and broke barricades! That is when government authorities stepped in and assured speedy action regarding employment of people with disabilities.

A representative from a disabled welfare organization in the state said that hard-work of disabled people have borne fruits. The government will soon issue an advertisement on the recruitment drive, which is expected to happen more likely by 30 September, 2018.

Appointments will be done for over 4419 vacant posts for persons with disabilities in the state. The numbers are expected to rise.

At least, 45,000 disabled people are expected to attend the drive. A similar drive was held in 2005 for 672 government posts!

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