Sleep disorders now a rising concern among youngsters, says experts

In today’s world, many people are affected by sleep disorders and related diseases. It has become a huge cause of concern. Insomnia, hypnic jerk, sleep-terror and sleep paralysis are now common among youngsters. Teenagers and young adults are now getting clinical help to get over sleep disorders!

Experts point out rising usage of mobile phones, laptops, excessive TV watching during odd hours and academic pressure are the primary cause of sleep disorders. Youngsters just find it impossible to go to bed early or rise early!

20 year old Ajay (name changed), an engineering student, was taken to the psychologist as he started performing extremely poor in academics. Ajay used to do fairly well, but something just changed him. After detailed check-up, his psychologist diagnosed him with sleep disorder which has created a lot of other health problems too.

There are many youngsters out there who face similar problems. Most of it goes unnoticed. If left untreated, sleep disorders can cause memory loss and anxiety disorders too.

So what are the ways to prevent sleep disorders? Experts point out that social media and academic pressure must be kept aside for a good night’s sleep. Go to bed at 10 pm and rise at 6 am for best results. This will also help you to not doze off during class hours or at work!

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