The new DeepWay device can revolutionize lives of blind people!

Imagine a spectacle doing all that a self-driving car can do! That is just what deepWay device will do for blind people. This device is a spectacle. It tells the wearer the right routes, helps in navigation, and makes life easier for many blind people. It uses a technique called the convolutional neural networks to navigate through the streets!

DeepWay was developed by Satinder Singh, a student of the Army Institute of Technology, College of Engineering in Pune. Satinder always knew that he wanted to do his bit for a social cause. So this engineer decided to club his technical expertise to lend a helping hand for blind people.

In order to develop this spectacle, he took 10,000 images of his campus, including main and off roads. The technique called Arduino helped him move towards one direction. Camera, earphones and the Arduino was connected to his laptop and the camera was placed on his chest. The laptop helped him identify which side of the road he walked on. DeepWay was also able to tell the user about people around them and stop signs using earphones.

Currently, the device aids blind people to walk towards their left side in order to avoid further confusion. Singh says that there are many rough patches that need to be worked on. He says that the device must be able to collect more data. The more it collects data, the better it is for the user!

Singh adds that he is planning to implement many new features to this device. That way, blind people can use it on a day to day basis. It will also ensure better and enhanced quality of living.

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