Kerala battles worst natural calamity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits state

Heavy rains that have been creating havoc in Kerala since the past one week has not yet subsided. The worst natural disaster witnessed by the state, death toll has already risen to over three hundred. Post rescue works, the numbers are expected to rise.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday evening. He assured that the central government will do their best to rehabilitate lakhs of people who have lost their homes and properties. Modi will visit the flood affected areas on Saturday.

The rains have reduced slightly in many parts of the state for now. Over 1500 relief camps have opened in the state.

Ten thousands of people are stranded in various parts of Kerala! Rescue operations were in full swing on Friday with the state receiving more defence personals and helicopters from the centre. But many affected areas were still unreachable due to heavy floods. Pregnant women, children and elderly citizens are stranded in homes without food and water for over three days.

Repeated landslides in Northern Kerala and Idukki are creating nightmares for locals. Families have been washed away completely in these landslides.

Kochi airport will remain shut till 26 August. The Kochi metro service was also suspended. But they were open for a brief time for rescue workers to commute across the city. The government has estimated a loss of over Rs 8000 crore in the state already.

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