Is yoga an effective paralysis treatment!

For patients who are paralyzed due to stroke, trauma, nerve damage, polio, multiple sclerosis, it is important to get physiotherapy treatment.

Physiotherapy sessions include exercises that help the patients to regain movement in the affected areas and also to restore the brain-body connection.

Dr Shraddha Singtamer is the head of Physiotherapy department at the SriSri Tattva Panchakarma and says that Yoga can help in paralysis cases.

The Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma is a specialty centre of Ayurveda and ancient Indian healing traditions, in Bangalore.

Dr Singtamer says that pranayama and exercises can help paralytic patients feel better and also recover movements in affected limbs.

The type of therapy that needs to be given to the patient is based on the grade or level of muscle weakness caused due to paralysis.

The time of recovery through yoga is determined by the cause of paralysis. For patients who have suffered paralysis due to tumors or neural causes, the recovery time may be longer.

If the cause of paralysis is high blood pressure, then the blood pressure has to be lowered with yoga and meditation.

The Yoga asanas will depend on the body parts affected, and advice from a certified yoga instructor is recommended.

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