Some tips for parents to assess the mental health of children

Mental health conditions are as common in children as adults. However, kids are not able to express their issues as easily as adults might.

It is up to the parents to understand the mental health of their children and get them help if required.

Since children are not experienced enough to understand their own state of mind, they express themselves differently.

Here is some information that parents can use to understand the mental health of their children.

• A child suffering from depression tends to become irritable and upset over the smallest issues. Adults become sad when they are depressed, but for children, the feelings of depression are difficult to cope with.

• Some children also suffer from Anxiety disorders. This is because there is so much that they are exposed to and sometimes it can become overwhelming.

• Sometimes the child may not be able to talk under certain situations. This is known as ‘Selective Mutism’ and is a type of mental health issue.

• Children with ADHD also have a variety of symptoms such as impulsiveness, impatience, lack of focus, hyper active physical movements.

• Autism spectrum disorder is a neuro-developmental disorder that appears in early childhood and affects the development of children. ASD affects the ability of children to socialize, make friends and communicate with others.

• Parents should be aware of any behavioral changes in the children.

• Loss of appetite, self-hurting and other such behavior need to be attended immediately.

In all the cases the most important thing for parents to do is to be supportive of their children. Parents can get help from experts and get a better diagnosis if the child is behaving different than usual.

There are therapies, medicines and other treatments that can help the children with mental health issues lead a better life.

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