Excessive mobile phones usage hamper your child’s eye health, says new study

Mobile phones and digital media have become an inevitable part of our lives. So is it in the lives of our kids too! Children who are aged between two to four just cannot have a good time without watching their favourite cartoons on YouTube or playing their favourite games on mobile apps. This is definitely not a good sign of a healthy child. A new study has revealed that excessive usage of mobile phones can lead to eye problems in children!

So if your child is adamant on spending more than seven hours on phone, make sure you do not allow it. Excessive usage of mobiles leads to blurred vision, myopia and dry eyes. In the long term, it leads to macular degeneration and even permanent blindness. The blue light from mobile phones is extremely dangerous for both children and adults.

Cornea, retina and ocular systems of the eye absorb electromagnetic energy very quickly. It stays in the human body and is not radiated out. When a person uses mobiles for long, the impact stays for a longer time too. Experts point out that children between 4 to 10 years are now frequent visitors at ophthalmologists with various eye problems!

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