Young girls battle depression and anxiety if mothers were stressed during pregnancy, says new study

Pregnancy is a very crucial time in the life of a woman. Her mental and physical well-being affects the health of her baby too. A recent study says that young girls battle depression and anxiety if their mothers were stressed out during pregnancy. This can affect girls as young as two years of age!

When a person is stressed, they release a hormone called Cortisol. In case of pregnant mothers, this affects the brain cell connectivity of the new born. This in turn can lead to various mental health problems in the child. Surprisingly, young boys are not affected by this!

The group of researchers from Germany conducted the study on over 70 pregnant women and analysed their cortisol levels to arrive at this conclusion. After two years, the mothers reported how some of their children seemed sad, lonely and worried.

Researchers also confirm that mood and anxiety disorders are more in women when compared to men.

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