Are you depressed! Check these symptoms

Depression is one of the most common mental health problem of our times. The high level of stress and pressure can cause people to become depressed and they may not even realize it.

Depression could be temporary, minor or major and long term. Getting expert help can help you get out of the gloomy feeling and live a better life.

Here is some information about some common symptoms of depression.

  1. Feeling sad and gloomy most of the time without any apparent reason.

  2. Loss of interest in activities you used to once earlier.

  3. Sudden changes in weight- loss or gain, poor appetite or increased desire to eat.

  4. Disturbed sleep pattern, not being able to sleep, or sleeping too much.

  5. Feeling of tiredness, fatigue or loss of energy.

  6. Feeling miserable and not feeling good about yourself, low self-esteem or feeling of worthlessness, guilt, or helplessness.

  7. Body aches, headaches.

  8. Not being able to focus on work or social life or failing to make decisions.

  9. Negative thoughts and thoughts about death or suicide

If you have experienced two or four of these symptoms for more than two weeks, it may indicate minor depression .

If the symptoms persist, it better to talk to someone about it. It will not only help you feel better but may also aid in getting you the needed help.

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