Delhi High Court just made laws stringent for admission of a person into a mental asylum

72 year old Ram Kumar is a retired police officer. In spite of having a good mental health, this elderly man had to spend 20 days in a mental asylum. That too, without valid certificates, proper documents or prescriptions! There are hundreds of people who spend days in mental health institutions for others personal gains.

People narrate tales of how they had to spend many days sleeping on floors, being abused by staff and undergoing torment at mental asylums in the national capital. Now, the Delhi High Court is gearing up to make strict laws and guidelines before admitting a person in a mental asylum.

Experts point out that many of such asylums function as private jails. If a person wants to shut down someone in an asylum, all they need to do is pay concerned authorities!

A 23 year old girl was recently put in a mental asylum when she decided to live with her music teacher. The girl was constantly abused at home. Her parents, along with police, hospital authorities and ambulance forced her into an asylum stating that she was mentally unstable. This was how that her parents decided to shut her down!

The bench of justices at the Delhi High Court said that authorities must clearly adhere to the Mental Healthcare Act (MHA) before admitting a person. An orientation course will be held for concerned officials to follow admission guidelines. The Delhi Police will also participate in this programme. A protocol will be formed after consulting legal and mental healthcare experts.

The Delhi High Court said that a person must not be admitted in an asylum unless they are unfit for any other kinds of treatment. Violation of a person’s right to freedom and liberty is a criminal offence. If a mental health centre does not adhere to the given guidelines, strict action will be taken against them.

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