Kerala floods caused loss of over ₹19,000 crore, crisis lingers

While the rains have receded in Kerala, the situation is still far from being normal.

More than one million people are living in relief camps while those at homes are worried about cleaning up the mess created by the floods. There are 3,200 relief camps across the state.

The state has suffered huge loss of life and property and will take years to recover from that. The state has suffered an estimated loss of over ₹19,000 crore.

Around 10,000 km of roads including highways have been washed away by the floods and one lakh buildings have been destroyed.

The government has said that a clear assessment of the loss will be made once the rescue work is over.

As per reports, the Kochi airport has suffered an estimated loss of over ₹220 crores due to the floods. Various structures including walls of the airport have been damaged by the floods.

The operation at the airport has been suspended till the 26 August.

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