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GiftAbled, providing sustainable livelihood to disabled people

People with disabilities must participate in the development and welfare of India. For that, the ideal beginning is to be employed in private and government sectors. By joining hands together, disabled people can ensure development of the country. That is just what the Bengaluru-based NGO GiftAbled aims at!

GiftAbled was founded in 2013 by Prarthana and Prateek. The couple knew that they had to do their bit for society. There was no better way than empowering disabled people! This NGO provides employment to people with disabilities by training them to make products which are later sold online.

They sell unique handmade laptop bags, wallets, stationary items, apparels, home and decor stuff, accessories and even toys. Their customised wooden products have many takers in the market! To add to this, they provide free shipping as well.

The NGO claims that over 3000 people have benefitted from their services, with over 9000 participating in its success.

When they started off, the idea was to ensure better health, livelihood and education of people with disabilities. The couple was always an active part of social work. They soon realised that there is a need for awareness on disabled people and the community

Prathana is a sign language interpreter too. She recollects how people used to ask her if she was deaf just because she knew sign language!

It is amusing how people conclude that you are a deaf person when you know sign language. That is when I decided I have to be the changemaker and create awareness about disabilities - Prarthana, Co-founder, GiftAbled

Empowerment is key

Apart from training sessions for disabled people, GiftAbled also holds sensitization workshops for corporate companies and the government. Both men and women take part in ventures from GiftAbled.

They collaborate with a residential rehabilitation programme in Koppal, Karnataka that has enabled disabled men in Karnataka to stand on their own feet.

The team at GiftAbled believes that with thorough participation from disabled people, they can become numero uno in e-commerce

Even though their main office is in Bengaluru, GiftAbled has been journeying to interior parts of Karnataka to spread awareness. They have an office in Tumkuru as well. This early intervention therapy centre provides different therapies to children with disabilities up to six years.

We had a case where a deaf woman who was pregnant could not save her baby because she could not get to the hospital on time for treatment. She was having a water birth and the lady was unaware of what it even meant! She got to the hospital in her ninth month but her baby was dead by then. With awareness, we can reduce such incidents- Prarthana, Co-founder, GiftAbled

Founders of GiftAbled points out that mother of a disabled child often face huge threats, especially in rural areas. There are instances where they are thrown out of homes along with the child. GiftAbled provides rehabilitation in cases, where the mothers are trained so they can earn a livelihood and live with dignity.

Challenges faced

In today's economy, an NGO faces many challenges. From finding funds to getting resources, roadblocks are many.

One, is to find the right resources to help people in the community. Our sector is often a mix of passion versus profession. We must prioritize. We need both of these in the right levels for the successful and smooth running of our NGO. Two, funds. - Prateek, Co-founder, GiftAbled

Even though the primary aim of GiftAbled is to empower disabled people, those from economically backward families are also welcomed here with open arms.

Want to do some some online shopping from GiftAbled? Visit https://www.GiftAbled.com/.

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