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Some tips for teachers of students with autism

Teachers are the source of knowledge and wisdom and this is the reason they are respected in Indian culture.

For children with autism, a teacher is even more important. A teacher is the adult outside the family with whom the kids spend a lot of time!

Children with autism are not social and find it difficult to connect or communicate with others. For them the teacher can act as a bridge between the home life and social life.

Teachers of children with autism should realize how important they can be for the future life and development of their students.

If you are a teacher with students with autism, there are a few things you can do to be a better educator. Here are a few of them:

- Get some information about autism if you have students with autism. Knowing about the disease will educate you and make it easier to understand the condition of your students. - Make contact with the parents of children with autism. Parents can provide you with useful information about their children. They can tell you about the child's medical needs, behavior and much keeping in touch with the parents will also help build trust with the kids. You will also be able to know about any changes or improvement that the kids show through their parents.

- As an educator you also need to prepare the classroom as per the aptitude and requirements of the students. It may not always be possible to make physical changes but you can try and make the classroom comfortable for the special students.

- You must create a social environment in the class. This needs to be done to not only promote education but social skills of the children. The children should be able to communicate with their fellow students with your support and encouragement. The social skills will prove useful for your students as they grow up.

- The Individualized Education Program (IEP) is the guideline that lays down the education plan to be followed for children with special needs.

The plan will also help prepare the child for the next level in the educational life.

- Children with autism may have some triggers that can change their behavior. Make yourself aware about the triggers and tantrums and how you can help them subside.

- Be patient and stay dedicated to being a good teacher. Even if your students do not communicate to you all the time, you can mean a lot to them.


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