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Disabled and want to travel? KickStart Cabs makes it possible!

In India, lack of accessible public transport has often spoilt travel plans of many disabled people and elderly citizens. KickStart Cabs from Bengaluru aims to be change makers. They have over 20 vehicles that are fully accessible and disabled-friendly. So you can say goodbye to your travel woes!

KickStart Cabs was started in 2014 by Vidhya Ramasubban and Srikrish at Harlur in Bengaluru. The duo, in course of time, realised that Bengaluru lacks disabled-friendly transport. They decided to do something to ensure smooth and hassle-free transport for people who are forced to depend on others for mobility.

Transportation and mobility for people with disabilities and seniors is a huge issue in our country. There are no facilities available to millions of disabled people, seniors and others who are sick or injured. With this in mind we decided to start Kickstart Cabs- Vidhya, Co-founder, KickStart Cabs.

The venture got tons of positive responses, which made them determined to continue with this. The cabs in the KickStart fleet have many accessible facilities. Like ramps for wheelchair-users and for people who use sticks and callipers. The drivers are trained to assist people into the cabs as well. They also make sure users reach their destination with no hassles.

Getting right drivers to work for us is often a challenge. But we have a good team right now- Vidhya, Co-founder, KickStart Cabs.

There is little corporate support for this much-needed initiative but the founders are determined to continue. Funds are a problem especially when it comes to implementing new facilities.

Right from visiting a mall for some weekend shopping or hopping out of town for a getaway, KickStart Cabs makes travel easier and smoother. So, if you know of a disabled person looking to travel in Bengaluru, dial 8105600445 to book a KickStart Cab.

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