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Meet these superheroes who are helping rebuild lives of Kerala flood victims!

August 25, 2018

The fury and disaster of the Kerala floods and calamity has shook millions of people across the globe. This man made natural calamity is an eye opener to why people need to be more careful with natural resources and the need to safeguard them.

According to reports, over 400 people have already lost their lives. Lakhs of people from across Kerala are now gearing up to rebuild their flood struck homes and lives.

Sarath Padipura and Unni Maxx, two disabled young men from Kerala do not want their community members to go through this dark hour alone. Hence, the duo are doing all that they can to help rehabilitate lives of disabled people.

Power of togetherness

Sarath runs a small shop at the government Taluk Hospital in Perumbavoor. This place is very close to Aluva, one of the worst hit areas in the state. Sarath, who is a wheelchair user, has been a busy man since the past one week. He has been co-ordinating and arranging food and relief materials to over seven relief camps nearby.

Sarath says that he came across many disabled people in the camps who are paralysed and on wheelchairs too.

I believe in the power of togetherness. I'am part of a team that comprises of over 50 people. We cook food and hand it over to relief camps along with other materials. The plight of disabled people here is quite sad. They cannot even go back to their homes because there is nothing left. Two days back, a group of disabled people called me and said that they need to start building their life from scratch. So they need literally everything!- says Sarath

This youngster points out that paralyzed people need a bed and a fan more than anything else. Relief camps are not equipped to cater to disabled people. Sarath and his bunch of friends are trying to rope in more people to contribute money and materials to help rebuild lives of disabled people who lost everything in these floods!

So is the state government providing flood struck disabled people with any schemes or benefits?

As of now, the government has not assured any benefits. All those who have lost their properties in the floods have been asked to contact their local authorities. It is the same with disabled people too. We hope the government will help them out- adds Sarath.

Breaking barriers to help the needy

Unni Maxx, a graphic designer and social worker is a regular sight at relief camps in Kottayam since the past one week. Unni, who is a wheelchair user, has been juggling between work and relief camps. Secretary of Thanal Paraplegic Welfare Society, Unni hopes to bring about a positive change in lives of disabled people who are affected by floods.

I have been working along with many people to help out flood victims in relief camps. People with disabilities and those without disabilities are equally affected. I have my own mobility limitations in reaching everywhere personally. But that is definitely not going to stop me from doing my bit for fellow beings. My organization Thanal is looking into different ways to how we can gather more funds for rehabilitation of disabled people- says Unni

There are many disabled youngsters across Kerala who are coming forward to do their bit for those who have lost everything in the floods. In spite of their mobility issues, they have decided to go out there to lend a helping hand to the needy.

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