23 lakh electric connections restored in Kerala, government claims

Kerala government has announced that the relief work in Kerala is going on successfully. As per the government, electricity has been reconnected for more than 23 lakh connections that had been cut off sue to floods.

Also, more than 1.3 lakh houses have been cleaned and now 60% of houses affected by the water are left to be cleaned and made livable.

The funding that was kept aside for Onam-related programmes will now be used for the flood relief related activities. Donations and help is pouring in for Kerala relief from all over the world.

Tech company Apple has announced a donation of Rs 7 crore towards the flood relief work in Kerala.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has also announced Rs 4.18 crore as donation for Kerala.

The state has gone through the worst natural calamity and the damage caused will take years to be restored. As per reports, about Rs 21,000 crore would be required to overcome the destruction that the floods have caused in Kerala.

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